Monday, May 24, 2010

An Open Letter To Sarah Palin

This little fella is being tainted by crude as we speak... ;w;

Dear Former Gov. Sarah Palin

The city of New Orleans is now royally fucked on the seafood front, because of massive oil pouring into the gulf.

What caused this oil? Drill Baby Drill.

This is why Pres. Obama wasn't pressing the whole "Drill for oil" scenario. Now thanks to "Drill Baby Drill", the price of seafood is going up rapidly and we very well may not see anymore seafood come 2011...

Let this serve as a reminder of what happens when you don't consider all the consequences of the actions you speak of.

Sincerely, the city of New Orleans

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Epic Beard Man Doles Out The Harshness!

Vietnam Tom, AKA Epic Beard Man is an internet superhero. Why? Because in the face of a nigga moment, Tom stepped up and handled biz. Bullies beware!

Seriously, I think dude deserved it. Can't just be selling woof tickets on the bus... You go Vietnam Tom!

And the animated version. LOLZ

And some others.

On a final note, the bitch with the camcorder shoulda got snuck.

Peace out, and stay crunchy, ya alienz!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Got a Twitter Account

Yup, that's all really.


Follow me, ya alienz!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jay-Z + Cloud = Mako Album

I am doing this for the fellow hip-hop heads and RPG Fanatics. I caught hell trying to find this album and am making sure that it'll be easier to find from now on.

Enjoy the Mako Album. I know I will, ya alienz!

The Mako Album [Mediafire]

Friday, December 25, 2009


So yeah, I figured I'd hit all 2 of my faithful readers off with some funny stuff to watch. here goes.

Whoever designed this stage is a hell-spawn deserving of the highest level of anal-rapage. Really though.

Merry Christmas, ya alienz!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shine A Spotlight On 'Em: Jay Electronica

Really, peeps, what could I say about jay Electronica that's not been said already? That he's a phenom, an enigma, a strange but interesting person? Sorry, that has been said...

I mean, Jay Elect is in many ways an emcee's emcee. Strictly about the music, no bullshit. It's actually pretty refreshing to hear a guy like that come out of the N.O. (That's not named Nova Blade), I mean, sure we've got Weezy and such, but Weezy has stated many times that he's about the money as much and possibly more than the music. We have the Knux as well. But The Knux I would consider musicians before emcees.

Either way, Jay Electronica is about as prolific as they come. He's got a way of making statements stand out when he rhymes. He paints pictures like a new millennium Van Gogh. He makes the type of music that deluges the mind with imagery. Kind of like Warcloud minus all the literature references.

The world (or blogosphere, same diff) has been awaiting Jay's first album for a few years now. And even since 2007, that anticipation has not died down. In a time where flavor of the month rappers are forgotten faster than you can say Dem Franchise Boys, Jay maintains a hardcore fanbase. Not bad for someone who has yet to put out an album.

Jay's flow is robotic. It's meticulous and commanding. He makes rhyming sound easy. It's undeniably east coast in some ways, but it's sprinkled with the kind of lingo and savvy that only life in New Orleans could provide. He's the type of emcee you want to hear on production by Dilla and Just Blaze. It just makes sense. I personally would love it if he teamed up with 9th wonder for an EP.

Well, before this gets long-winded, I'm gonna sign off.

Recommended listens: Exhibit A, Renaissance Man, My Uzi Weighs A Ton, I Feel Good, Victory Is In My Clutches

Stay Crunchy, ya alienz!